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The Bar is down for maintence,'re not. And let's face it, neither are your pups. So where are they? What're they doing? Are they in the Lost and Found? If so...what's it like in there? Cramped? The White Room? Or is it the New Jersey Turnpike? You tell me. (email notifications are off, so seriously, go wild.) (Now with less inadvertent screening)

Into the Box!

Date: 2012-02-24 07:24 pm (UTC)
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Some people are professional researchers writers, which involves a lot of reading.

Some people date folks involved in covert supernatural wars.

Some of these people are the same people as the first group.

Which is why Tyler isn't going back through his door (The sucker is flickering! What the Hell?) and is instead digging up the lost and found box and diving in.

It's dark in here.

Date: 2012-02-26 12:58 am (UTC)
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At first, the box was, well, just a box. Big and dark and quiet. Charlie was hoping it would be something like the inside of Snoopy's doghouse. (Yes, Charlie is a Peanuts fan. Who isn't?) But it was about what the inside of a box should be.

And was a good place to meditate.

Until everything went crazy.

Suddenly, Charlie was 8, all skin and bones with a shock of red hair and looking for a fight with anyone who wanted one, being another orphan or a nun or any adult who didn't treat him nice.

And then he was in his 30s, falling hard for Helena, not sure it was real, not sure she cared.

He was 23, a rising star on the nightly news, ready to leave Hub City for bigger gigs, ready to take his faceless alter ego with him.

No, he's dying, water filling his lungs and morphine in his veins to calm the pain.

He's 19, just kicked out of college.

He's 31, in love with Myra but not sure that it matters as Hub City falls apart.

He's...he's a conspiracy nut, in a strange relationship with the Huntress. When did that happen?

He's Rorschach, the fluid in his mask flowing as rapidly as his sanity.

He's Vic Sage, well known reporter.

He's Charles Victor Szasz, high school graduate despite his teachers' best efforts to prevent it.

He's studying with Richard. He's training Renee. He's in bed with Myra. He's at the bottom of the river with hypothermia.

He's the Question, and that alone seems to be the same as time unravels around him in the dark of the box.


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