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Ninja kick the damn rabbit!

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Birthdate:Apr 1
Yo yo yo! I'm the "Party Dude!"
Heh heh!

What a goofy thing to be! But it's fun! I dunno, the other guys seem so down sometimes, they need me around just to lighten things up! Life's a beach!

This is weird... writing about myself! I dunno what to say really! Fun is where it's at! Life is what you make it, so make it a blast! Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life! Being a Turtle is awesome! What else CAN I say?

I like games. I like to skate... with a deck, in-line... whatever! Surfing is wicked cool, but I don't get enough chances to do it. That'll change! I like being a ninja. Knowing how to take care of yourself in times of trouble is neat, plus it's just plain fun to jump around and hide in shadows and stuff. It's like being in a movie, 'cept it's real life! Now THAT'S awesome!

Well... that about sums it up, I guess! I'm outta here! Maybe I'll grab my board and go hang!

Oh yeah - - - COWABUNGA!

(bio shamelessly plagiarized from the now defunct Mirage Tmnt webpage)

Unusual Physical Characteristics

Mikey is a 4'113/4" tall anthropomorphic turtle. As such he's bald, has three fingered hands. Oh, and lest we

For the time being Mike is now a 5'5" tall 159 lb human male. This was the birthday/April Fools present bestowed upon him by Tim Hunter.

He has no discernible accent, aside from very obviously being American, a bi-product of watching far too much television.

Through a selection process that was clearly broken, Mike has been named/is now the acting Barman of Milliways.
Say hello to the crowd, Mike.

Much like his brother Raph's journal, this has not been endorsed by Mirage Studios Nickelodeon Studios. I'm not making any money off this venture. I am but a humble fanboy looking to kill a whole bunch of time at work. Thank you.
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