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Heavy is the head that's linked to Bar, especially when that head is convinced that it contains a virus that could wipe out the human race as we know it.
There's too much static in Mike's head right now for home renovation, not to mention the fact that Mel could come in at any moment...and this is one trouble he can't confide in her. Much as he loves her, sometimes it's hard to keep Mel separate from The Slayer and the Security Officer. And right now, he just needs a friend. A friend that won't judge or jump to conclusions or -- and this is his biggest fear -- react before he's made his decision.

That's when he remembers the garage, and the project going on in its depths. Mike clears his mind of thoughts, which is probably a dead give away that something's wrong.

"MapleBaby? Where's Cap'n Tightpants at?"

He's in the garage.

"Excellent. If anyone needs me, give me a hollar. But, you know...keep mum on Mal's project."

Not a problem.

Mike pulls his not often used steel-toed boots from the box currently inhabiting his closet, and begins to dress himself in a manner befitting large scale mechanical refurbishment. This means he's wearing his Ghostbusters jump suit, complete with his full name written on the name patch. A few moments later and he's clomping his way through the bar and down the elevator to the garage in search of Malcolm Reynolds.
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