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It's been a mostly quiet night at the Designated Tortoise. There's been good food, better cider, and an overall feeling of contentment fills the room. Mike has to admit, if ever there was a perfect tavern for one to rest their travel-weary bones, it'd be this one. Raph has chosen well. He's spent the better part of the evening stretching his ninja muscles by being unobtrusive in the back corner in order to gather intel on the woman he hopes one day might be his sister-in-law. That is, provided he can some how fix the mess Raph has made of his own lovelife.

"idiot," he whispers under his breath as he sips at his cider.

Abigail seems to be maintaining well enough. Someone not looking for it would probably imagine she's just a little bit frazzled by the evening dinner rush, but Mike knows better. He's seen those tell-tale single-minded coping mechanisms before.

The last call bell sounds, and Mike steels himself for what is likely to be a pretty awkward conversation. One by one he watches the patrons leave, none of them even casting a glance to where he's currently seated. Eventually even Thomas heads to bed. Mike hates to see the guy leave, but oh how he loves to watch him go. But no, there will hopefully be enough time to oggle his would-be brother in law later...that is, provided Mike is successful at his task. He reaches under the table for his satchel and heads for the Bar.
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